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The Make Meaning Podcast

Jun 29, 2020

What do you do when you’ve worked hard to ascend the academic ladder, put in the time, sparked great research and debate, and you’re denied tenure? You ask yourself some hard questions, turn to your personal board of directors for guidance, and redirect your career into the direction it was really meant to go.

That pivotal pause was groundbreaking for Dr. Sibrina Collins, this week’s guest on the Make Meaning Podcast, a story she humbly shares in this interview. 

As Executive Director of the Marburger STEM Center at Lawrence Tech University, renowned in her beloved field of chemistry for far-reaching papers inspired by contemporary culture and modern living, Sibrina started in community college and rose to become a thought leader and a role model, inspiring girls, women and people of color to choose STEM careers.

In this episode, she speaks with host Lynne Golodner about discovering her love of STEM in a basic-level science class, starting at community college because it was free, and using her personal meaning to drive her professional successes. She also talks about how STEM impacts daily life and why we need better messaging about STEM disciplines to attract enterprising students into these fields.