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The Make Meaning Podcast

Mar 1, 2024

Brenda Meller is an entrepreneur, author and social media coach who helps people maximize their presence on LinkedIn. She is the author of Social Media Pie: How to enjoy a bigger slice of the LinkedIn Pie and host of the Enthusiastically Self-Employed podcast.


In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, host

Feb 16, 2024

Patrick Hicks is an Irish Catholic writer from Minnesota who has a deep fascination with the Holocaust. He has written three Holocaust novels and has conducted extensive research on the subject, visiting twelve different concentration camps and speaking with survivors. Patrick is also a professor at Augustana University...

Feb 2, 2024

Qin Sun Stubis is a Chinese-American author of the book Once Our Lives: A Memoir of Shanghai, Teahouses, and Three Generations of Family, which tells the story of four generations of Chinese women in Shanghai, China during the Great Famine, navigating war and revolution.


In the latest episode of the Make...

Jan 19, 2024

Elizabeth Conte is an author with a passion for bringing 19th-century literature to the 21st-century reader. She is the author of Finding Jane, a time travel historical novel, and Chosen Mistress, a scintillating story set in Victorian England. Elizabeth is the founder of Jane Writes Press, a hybrid publishing house...

Jan 16, 2024

Ana Veciana-Suarez is a journalist and author. She has written for various publications and has published several books, including her latest novel, Dulcinea, which was inspired by her reading of Don Quixote in high school. Known for her meticulous research and attention to detail, Anna spent many years digging up...