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The Make Meaning Podcast

Apr 20, 2020

When Adri Smith, founder of Moss Floral Design in Fort Worth, Texas, was a child, she loved sitting in her mother’s garden, smelling the hyacinths and admiring the irises. She began her career as a teacher but knew it wasn’t her calling and it wasn’t until her own wedding that she reconnected with her early love of florals and realized she wanted to bring that beauty and delight to others.

In this episode, Adri shares her experiences innovating when times suddenly change and weddings are put on hold; doing right and taking action to make life meaningful; and the incredible art of floral design to bring joy and beauty to others. Adri joins Lynne Golodner on the Make Meaning podcast to talk about balancing artistic vision with fulfilling client dreams, bringing joy during the coronavirus pandemic through floral arrangements, and how to learn from your mistakes to stay grounded and find your purpose.