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The Make Meaning Podcast

Jan 28, 2019

Jarret Alan Schlaff is cultivator, engineer, and organizer (CEO) of Pingree Detroit, a worker-owned, community-based manufacturing company co-founded in January 2015. In Pingree’s Detroit workshop, Detroiters and U.S. veterans are paid a living wage to handcraft bags, urban utility boots, and accessories using luxury-grade leather upcycled from the American auto industry. Jarret Schlaff lives on Detroit’s eastside and is committed to fostering neighborhood resilience and developing opportunities for sustainable, community-driven job creation. Since 2007, he has launched four nonprofit projects currently making an impact in the youth mentorship, environmental justice and food access arenas across Metro Detroit. He has 10 years of experience in management and organizational development. Jarret was a Global Leadership Fellow by the Hesselbein Leadership Institute, he was a Young American Leadership Fellow with Harvard Business School, and he was named an Emerging Leader by the Detroit Chamber of Commerce. And, in 2017, Jarret was named 20/20 Detroit Person of the week in November 2017. He is a born and bred Detroiter and graduated with a B.A. in Public Administration and Policy from Oakland University.