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The Make Meaning Podcast

May 18, 2020

Growing up with dyslexia can lead children to feel stupid, misunderstood, or as if they don’t fit in. Jacob Blumenstein knows this well. His own transformation from a 5th-grader who tried to skip out on reading aloud in class to a 9th grader earning summa cum laude accolades led him to create KidsRead2Kids with his...

May 11, 2020

Our world is one of beautiful, powerful diversity. We can find many differences in race, culture, and religion, and yet there are many similarities, too. To appreciate and understand each other, we seek bridges connecting us to shared perspectives and practices. Building bridges for marginalized communities is where

May 4, 2020

Jim Reese says readers connect most with his “failures and screw-ups,” because they reveal the humanity that lives within each of us. The author of four books, including a beautiful collection of essays called Bone Chalk, and director of the Great Plains Writers Tour, Jim teaches writing at Mount Marty College and...