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The Make Meaning Podcast

May 18, 2020

Growing up with dyslexia can lead children to feel stupid, misunderstood, or as if they don’t fit in. Jacob Blumenstein knows this well. His own transformation from a 5th-grader who tried to skip out on reading aloud in class to a 9th grader earning summa cum laude accolades led him to create KidsRead2Kids with his sister, Alana.  Now graduating from Detroit Country Day School and heading to the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in the fall, Jacob joins his sister in a special Make Meaning episode about how their startup nonprofit, completely run and led by fellow teens, supports children struggling with reading challenges.  In this Make Meaning podcast episode, Jacob and Alana talk about how their entrepreneurial parents inspire them and continue to guide their way, how having classic novels read aloud to them as children helped to develop a love of reading, and how kids relating to kids is the best way to bring understanding and compassion to students struggling to progress.