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The Make Meaning Podcast

Jul 21, 2023

Building an author career depends on writing book after book after book, which is something CL Walters knows well. From her home base in Hawai’i, she writes and publishes through Mixed Plate Press, the venture she runs with her husband. CL writes Young Adult and New Adult titles, and pens Romances under the name Maci Aurora.

In this episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, host Lynne Golodner chats with CL Walters about her author journey, making a living as a writer, maintaining a steady flow of stories, and the resilience required when your first book doesn't quite take off. 


In this episode, Lynne and CL discuss: 

  • Early writing memories

  • Becoming a full-time writer

  • The trials of self-publishing 

  • Platforms for self-publishing

  • Consistency in theme

  • Understanding rejections 

  • Building audience relationships

  • Fighting Imposter Syndrome

  • Setting goals for your book

  • Choosing a pen name

  • How many books to write a year


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