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The Make Meaning Podcast

Jul 7, 2023

Danny Hankner is an electrician by trade and a writer at heart as well as the founder of Story Unlikely. This online literary publication showcases incredible stories, focusing on non-fiction memoiristic pieces. As a publisher, Danny is passionate about discovering great authors and beautiful stories, providing a platform and audience to showcase worthy voices.


In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, host Lynne Golodner interviews Danny Hankner about his literary journey. One of Lynne’s favorite of her original nonfiction writings, “The Roads We Travel,” was accepted by Danny not even 24 hours after she submitted it. She says it was the best acceptance she has ever received. Read it here.


In this episode, Lynne and Danny discuss: 

  • The process of publishing on Story Unlikely

  • Writing with meaning

  • Dealing with rejection

  • Strategic submissions to the right publications

  • How writing can be healing

  • This vision for Story Unlikely

  • Tips to get published on Story Unlikely - follow the instructions!

  • Why writers need a work ethic & tenacity


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