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The Make Meaning Podcast

Oct 15, 2021

In a way, every person is a storyteller, according to Jake Neher, senior producer for Detroit Today on 101.9 FM WDET in Detroit. As co-host of the weekly series and podcast MichMash,  not only does Jake have storytelling gifts, but he brings a huge passion for gardening to guide his curiosity when choosing guests and asking questions. As his radio career took him to Barrow, Alaska, New York City and finally Detroit, Jake nurtured this interest in growing things, via a little hydroponic garden in the dark and cold of America’s northernmost reaches to a lone tomato plant on a fire escape in NYC. Living in Detroit with his wife and two sons allows Jake to spend his off-the-air hours in a backyard filled with vibrant produce and plenty of space to garden! 


In the latest episode of the Make Meaning Podcast, Jake speaks with host Lynne Golodner about how he combined his passion for gardening and radio into a special series, WDET: At Home, offering tips for people learning to garden during the pandemic. He talks about how gardening can teach us to find value in underappreciated things like soil - something we tread upon every day feeds our plants and therefore feeds us. Just as he nourishes his passion for gardening, Jake suggests that we all engage with our passions unabashedly and see where they lead us.


In this episode, Lynne and Jake discuss: 

  • How everyone is a storyteller
  • Ways to get the whole family involved in gardening
  • How what we read impacts the way we write
  • How gardening can be revolutionary
  • Tips for gardening newbies
  • The importance of geeking out about your passions


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